Wellness has a new name, Ishana.


Newcastle's newest specialist centre.

Ishana means "the power within, the goddess". All of us hold within the power of the universe. Everything within and around us is subtly connected through this energy. The main aim of our wellness centre is to help you to unlock your inner potential and no matter what life challenges, you have this inner strength to get through them.

In our daily struggle of keeping up the pace with the world, we are now struggling to lead a normal happy life. When there is no satisfaction in what we do, it doesn’t matter how much we accomplish. This dissatisfaction evolves into stress, anxiety, depression or lack of confidence in many. We are here for you to help you deal with such issues and find your inner peace. Because when you are capable of finding peace within yourself, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve.

Ishana represents inner beauty. We help you to achieve congruence in between your inner and outer self. As Kate Angell says "Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates".

Our Yoga and Wellness Centre features a wide range of health, mindfulness and paediatric services for you to stay active and healthy.

We welcome you with open arms to Ishana, a place you can trust.

We are committed to a better tomorrow

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We are practicing Social Distancing and hand hygiene to stop the spread of Covid-19.