Speech Pathologist


Achu Joseph

Achu, is a versatile clinician with 6 years of speech pathology experience after she graduated from the University of Newcastle.

An educationalist at heart with masters in philosophy, English Literature. Achu started her career as a lecturer in English in her hometown of Cochin, India. After two years of teaching in India, she migrated to Australia and utilized her expertise and skills she gained from her research to pursue her passion helping kids with communication and speech deficits.

She has experience catering to individual clients, school based programs and indigenous clients with speech and language difficulties. She is multi- lingual and enjoys working with children from all cultural backgrounds. Achu is a Hanen trained speech pathologist and has received extensive training across multiple areas of Speech Pathology including phonology, literacy, social communication, alternate and augmentative communication (AAC) systems, early speech & language and play skills . 

She is a mother of a teenage daughter and three year old twin boys. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and strongly believes that Dreams don’t happen until you do .

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