Dr Deepika Jadhav


Deepika is a General and Developmental / Behavioural Paediatrician and is the director / principal for Ishana Well Being and Specialist centre. She together with her husband set up this centre in 2019 with a vision to provide comprehensive paediatric health care to children and young families. The vision of this new centre is to continue to serve the community with a range of specialist and allied health services together with a holistic health care model.

Her passion continues to help children with complex NeuroDevelopmental and Behavioural problems such as ADHD , Autism , Developmental delay but she also manages children with complex medical problems such as failure to thrive, Asthma, Allergies, Epilepsy or chronic medical conditions.

Apart from private practice, Deepika works as a Staff Specialist Paediatrician with Hunter New England Health. She is involved in General Paediatric clinics at John Hunter Children’s Hospital and Developmental Clinics at Wallsend. She enjoys teaching so is regularly engaged in student teaching and OSCE’S through the University of Newcastle. She is also involved with the AMC assessment program (Work place Based Assessment) run through HNE health for international medical graduates.

Deepika has completed her paediatric training in Newcastle (through John Hunter Children’s Hospital) and through Westmead Children’s hospital in Sydney. She was awarded FRACP in 2015 after gaining Masters in Public Health through University of Newcastle in 2014. She has experience in the field of paediatrics ad child health of over 17 years.

We are practicing Social Distancing and hand hygiene to stop the spread of Covid-19.